Principal’s Message



Dear Students,

Welcome to M S Polytechnic, one of the best polytechnic college in Bangalore. At M S Polytechnic is single-mindedly focused on addressing students’ needs in an increasingly competitive world. Life is not a set of instruction but a series of experience and learning process and engineering is not also apart from it.

Our motto is not only to pursue academic excellent but also motivate and empower the talent skills and ability to each student need to be identified and encouraged so that he/she is able to reach at great heights. Our unique supportive system will provide access to academic mentoring career counseling hand on experience at organization.

As a diploma level engineering institution, we will try to offer the best courses that are streamlined to meet the technical growth and business needs of global India.The Institute has developed excellent infrastructure and facilities required for providing quality technical education. The college boasts of spacious classrooms, fully equipped laboratories with latest equipment and instruments, workshops and drawing halls. Experienced and qualified staff ensures cent percent scheduled contact hour in each subject during the semester.

The institute also has state-of-the-art language lab to develop effective technical communication skills among the students. The institute is providing playgrounds and ample opportunities to the students to participate in extra co-curricular activities for the overall development of the students.

The library is stacked with the latest editions of books, magazines and journals. The computer center has a number of systems in network along with internet facilities. All efforts will be pooled to develop leadership quality, interpersonal skills, creativity, and human skills among the students to make them innovative troubleshooters.

Success comes only from hard work. So, students have to focus their attention on dreams of future .Toppers are not made in a day. Years of hard work, sharp focus on the goal, persistent preparation and a right direction of advancing are the four essentials of which the top rank are built. On behalf of college management, I assure all the students as well as their parents that if you decide to choose to study at M S Polytechnic College, you will be joining an academic institution where the needs of students are understood and their aspirations in academic, cultural, sports will be fulfilled. We are dedicated to ensure that your college life would be an enjoyable and memorable experience of your life.

Besides technical competence, I personally feel that moral values are equally important which need to be imbibed in the future engineers and technocrats to make them better citizens besides honing their technical skills who can work competitively, innovatively and offer engineering services on global fronts.


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